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Head of the Lab

Leszek Karczmarski, Ph.D.

Associate Professor:  School of Biological Sciences

The Swire Institute of Marine Science

The University of Hong Kong

Director:  Cetacea Research Institute

Email: leszek(AT) 


Research Interests


  • Mammalian Population Ecology:  Processes that determine population structure, geographic fidelity, spatiotemporal dynamics and habitat relationships.


  • Cetacean Behaviour and Behavioural Ecology:  Behavioural processes that shape intra- and inter-group dynamics and social structure; how they relate to environmental factors and influence broader population structure.


  • Comparative Socio-Ecology:  Odontocete social strategies and socio-behavioural complexity; how they evolved and how they compare to other known mammalian systems. Comparative socio-ecology of group living mammals. 


  • Delphinid Conservation Ecology:  Ecological and socio-demographic processes that determine population viability; application of empirical studies of population ecology in the development of management strategies. 


  • Spatio-Behavioural Approaches to Conservation:  How anthropogenic pressures influence socio-spatial dynamics and behavioural processes of individuals/populations; mitigation strategies to minimize the negative effects of ecological disturbance.   


© Leszek Karczmarski

© Leszek Karczmarski

© Leszek Karczmarski

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