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Professor of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management

University of California, Berkeley



Research Scientist

Quantitative Ecology

Cetacean Ecosystem Research

Olympia, WA, USA


Research Scientist

Chinese Academy of Sciences
P.R. China

School of Food and Environment

Dalian University of Technology 

P.R. China


Research Scientist 

Research Center for Information Technology Innovation

Academia Sinica


Associate Professor

Centre for African Ecology

University of the Witwatersrand

South Africa

Chief Researcher

National Institute of Fisheries Science

Fisheries Research Agency



Senior Lecturer

Mammal Research Institute

Centre for Wildlife Management

University of Pretoria

South Africa


Professor of Genotoxicology

School of Marine Sciences 

Sun Yat-sen University 

P.R. China

Associate Professor 

Galbraith Marine Science Laboratory

Eckerd College

St. Petersburg, FL, USA

Research Scientist

Department of Fish & Wildlife Science

University of Idaho

Moscow, ID, USA


University of Pretoria and

Southern African Wildlife College

South Africa

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