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Ruiqiang Zheng 鄭銳強

E-mail: zhengruiqiang(AT)


Academic Record
  • Ph.D., Sun Yat-sen University (2016)

  • M.Sc. (Microbial and Biochemical Pharmacy), China Pharmaceutical University (2009)

  • B.Sc. (Bioengineering), China Pharmaceutical University (2005)


Behaviour and ecology of Chinese white dolphins (Sousa chinensis) in Pearl River Estuary. (2016). Ph.D. Thesis. Sun Yat-sen University [PDF]


Prof. Yuping Wu, Sun Yat-sen University

Dr. Leszek Karczmarski, The University of Hong Kong

Research Interests

I am interested in a wide range of issues within the biology of marine mammals. In my past and present studies, I have embarked, either directly or indirectly, on topics ranging from eco-physiology and environmental toxicology to behavior and behavioural ecology, population biology, reproductive ecology, and, especially, conservation biology. To date, however, I have been primarily focused on the relationship between dolphin behaviour and various anthropogenic impacts, especially those related to coastal fishing industry. Because of my geographic location, my obvious species of interest is the Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin (Sousa chinensis), locally in China known as the Chinese white dolphin, which is being increasingly seen as a symbol of environmental concerns in the Pearl River Estuary. 

Current Position

Forest & Ocean Campaigner, Green Peace East Asia, Beijing Office


Zheng R, Karczmarski L, Lin W, Chan SCY, Chang W-L, Wu Y (2016) Infanticide in the Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin (Sousa chinensis). Journal of Ethology 34:299-307

Karczmarski L, Huang S-L, Or CKM, Gui D, Chan SCY, Lin W, Porter L, Wong W-H, Zheng R, Ho Y-W, Chui SYS, Tiongson AJC, Mo Y, Chang W-L, Kwok J HW, Tang RWK, Lee ATL, Yiu S-W, Keith M, Gailey G & Wu Y (2016).  Humpback dolphins in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta: Status, threats and conservation challenges. Advances in Marine Biology 73, 26–63.

Zhan, H., Chen, J., Zheng, R., Zhai, K., Hu, L., Wu, Y. (2012). Preliminary study on histology of trachea and lung of Sousa chinensis. Sichuan Journal of Zoology: 278-282

Yan, D., Chen, J., Zheng, R., Ning, X., Duan, G., Li, J., Wu, Y. (2012). Bacterial community structure of main habitat for Sousa chinensis in the Zhujiang Estuary. Marine Environmental Science 32: 49-52

Conference / Workshop Contributions

Lin, W., Zheng, R., Wu, Y. (2012).  How does the survey effort influence the mark-recapture analysis of Sousa chinensis in the Pearl River Estuary?  The 3rd Symposium on Cetacean Research and Conservation Cross Taiwan Strait. pp 13.

Research Grants

As Co-PI

  • 2012/2013: A marine specimen bank for Sousa chinensis conservation in the Pearl River Estuary  – Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong

  • 2012/2013: Study of population dynamic of Chinese White Dolphins in the Pearl River Estuary: 2nd year of data collection and preliminary analysis  – Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong


  • 2011/2012: DNA bank for Sousa chinensis in Asian waters: a preliminary approach of Specimen Banking – Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong


  • 2011/2012: Population dynamic of Chinese white dolphin in the Pearl River Estuary: data collection – Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong

Ph.D. (2016)

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