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Lam Pui Yin, Ivan

Research Assistant

E-mail: ivanllampy(AT)

Academic Record
  • B.Sc. (Ecology & Biodiversity), The University of Hong Kong (2015)

Employment History
  • Research Assistant, Cetacean Ecology Lab, The Swire Institute of Marine Science (2015 - present)

  • Research Assistant, Freshwater Laboratory, The University of Hong Kong (2015)

Research Interest

My interests stem from the desire to assist local biodiversity conservation and monitoring. Owing to the rapid rural developments and subsequent anthropogenic impacts, local wildlife is experiencing unprecedented threats. Yet, it is hard for the current scientific research to catch up with the speed of the ongoing industrial and urban development, not to mention how to recover what we have lost. Aspects such as community engagement, population monitoring, and predictive modelling of biodiversity change under various environmental factors are my favorite. These interests are still evolving and any ideas that I can receive to enrich my professional outlook are most welcome.

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