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Shiang-Lin Huang, Ph.D.


Academic Record
  • Ph.D. (Ecology), National Taiwan University (2009)

  • M.Sc. (Zoology), National Taiwan University (1996)

  • B.Sc. (Zoology), National Taiwan University (1994)


Research Interest
  • Ecology: life history strategies, ecological modeling, environmental remote sensing

  • Conservation biology: demographic analysis, population viability analysis, status and risk assessment, spatial-demographic modeling

  • Zoology: marine mammalogy, branchiopod (crustacean) life histories

Recent Projects

2012 - ongoing: Spatio-demographic modeling for the coastal and freshwater cetaceans in Chinese waters.


2011 - ongoing: Systematic demographic analysis of coastal and freshwater cetaceans (grant NSC 101-2311-B-019-002)


2010 - 2011: Population structure and genetic diversity of the humpback dolphin, Sousa chinensis: implications in conservation. (grant NTU99R40044)


2008 - 2011: Population viability analysis of Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin, Sousa chinensis.


2009 - 2010: Global studies on the genetic and morphological variation, and taxonomic status of Kogia spp. (grant NSC 098-2811-B-002-083).


2002: Comparative studies of cetacean life history strategies. Ph. D. dissertation. (grant NSC93-2311-B-002-035, NSC 94-2621-B-019-004, NSC 95-2621-B-019-004, NSC 97-2311-B-019-003)

2008: Comparative Studies of Life History Strategies in Cetaceans. Ph. D. dissertation. Institute of Ecology and Evolution Biology, National Taiwan University (Supervisors: Prof. Lien-Siang Chou and Prof. I-Hsun Ni).


1994: Power Consumption of Flight at Different Speeds in Chinese Bulbuls, Pycnonotus sinensis: Estimated from Aerodynamics. M. Sc. Thesis. Institute of Zoology, National Taiwan University (Prof. Lien-Siang Chou and Prof. Chin-Chia Sue).

Post-Doctoral Fellow


College of Science, Shantou University, P.R. China

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