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Shiang-Lin Huang, Ph.D.


Academic Record
  • Ph.D. (Ecology), National Taiwan University (2009)

  • M.Sc. (Zoology), National Taiwan University (1996)

  • B.Sc. (Zoology), National Taiwan University (1994)


Recent Projects
Research Interest
  • Ecology: life history strategies, ecological modeling, environmental remote sensing

  • Conservation biology: demographic analysis, population viability analysis, status and risk assessment, spatial-demographic modeling

  • Zoology: marine mammalogy, branchiopod (crustacean) life histories

2012 - ongoing: Spatio-demographic modeling for the coastal and freshwater cetaceans in Chinese waters.


2011 - ongoing: Systematic demographic analysis of coastal and freshwater cetaceans (grant NSC 101-2311-B-019-002)


2010 - 2011: Population structure and genetic diversity of the humpback dolphin, Sousa chinensis: implications in conservation. (grant NTU99R40044)


2008 - 2011: Population viability analysis of Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin, Sousa chinensis.


2009 - 2010: Global studies on the genetic and morphological variation, and taxonomic status of Kogia spp. (grant NSC 098-2811-B-002-083).


2002: Comparative studies of cetacean life history strategies. Ph. D. dissertation. (grant NSC93-2311-B-002-035, NSC 94-2621-B-019-004, NSC 95-2621-B-019-004, NSC 97-2311-B-019-003)

Wu, H., Xu, Y., Peng, C., Liao, Y., Wang, X., Jefferson, T.A., Huang, H., Huang, S.-L. (2017).  Long-term habitat loss in a lightly-disturbed population of the Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin, Sousa chinensisAquatic Conservation Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems. DOI: 10.1002/aqc.2778


Wang, X., Wu, F., Zhu, Q., Huang, S.-L. (2017).  Long-term changes in the distribution and core habitat use of a coastal delphinid in response to anthropogenic coastal alterations.  Aquatic Conservation Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems 27: 643–652.


Haiping Wu, H., Jefferson, T.A., Peng, C., Liao, Y., Huang, H., Lin, M., Cheng, Z., Liu, M., Zhang, J., Li, S., Wang, D., Xu, Y., Huang, S.-L. (2017).  Distribution and habitat characteristics of the Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin (Sousa chinensis) in the northern Beibu Gulf, China.  Aquatic Mammals. DOI: 10.1578/


Karczmarski, L., Huang, S.-L., Chan, S.C.Y.  (2017).  Threshold of long-term survival of a coastal delphinid in anthropogenically degraded environment: Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins in Pearl River Delta.  Scientific Reports 7: 42900 | DOI: 10.1038/srep42900 


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Chang, W.-L., Karczmarski, L., Huang, S.-L., Gailey, G., Chou L.-S.  (2016).  Reproductive parameters of the Taiwanese humpback dolphin (Sousa chinensis taiwanensis).  Regional Studies in Marine Science 8: 459–465.  DOI: 10.1016/j.rsma.2016.08.001


Huang, S.-L., Mei, Z., Hao, Y., Zheng, J., Wang, K., Wang, D. (2016). Saving the Yangtze finless porpoise: Time is rapidly running out. Biological Conservation DOI: 10.1016/j.biocon.2016.05.021


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Huang, S.-L. (2013).  Estimating cetacean maximal weight by maximal length: using the length-weight allometry. Journal of Fishery Society of Taiwan 39: 163-171.


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Huang, S.-L., Wang, C.-C., Huang, W.-P., Chou L.-S. (2011).  The reproductive potential of fairy shrimp, Branchinella (Branchinellites) kugenumaensis, in an unpredictable ephemeral pool. Journal of Crustacean Biology 31: 254-259 (SCI)


Huang, S.-L., Wang, C.-C., Huang, W.-P., Chou L.-S. (2010).  Indeterminate growth of fairy shrimps, Branchinella kugenumaensis (Crustacea: branchiopoda), in an unpredictable ephemeral pool. Journal of Crustacean Biology 30: 366-372 (SCI)


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Huang, S.-L., Ni, I-H., Chou, L.-S. (2008).  Correlations in cetacean life history traits. The Raffles Bulletin of Zoology Supplement 19: 285-292 (SCI)

Post-Doctoral Fellow


College of Science, Shantou University, P.R. China

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